Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pen and Wash

Dear Cottage Lovers:

I started painting again. I like to paint watercolors, but I am a detailed person and get caught up in the finishing touches. This time I am trying pen and wash. The first painting above is an Irish farmhouse.

The following painting is a flower pitcher with roses and lilacs. I wanted to achieve a painted "impression," rather than a exact image.

I hope to paint more!

Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Altered Flower Photos

Hi Everyone,

Here are some of my flower photos that I altered with MS "Picture-It" - a really neat program that used to come with MS Office back in 2002 or 2003. I wish they would make a new version because it is really easy to use. This flower image was altered slightly to have a grainy appearance.

I like this shy flower photo. It was altered with shadows and it has a calm look to it.

This is a hibiscus photo that was taken at Swarthmore College. The image was changed to have a graphic design appearance.

This is a photo that was changed to have a grainy poster appearance - almost "pen and inkish."

This flower photo also has some alterations for a shadowy contrast.

I love these tiny pale pink flowers all bunched together. I took this photo and adjusted the image to appear like a graphic design with highlighted shadows.

The same was done with this photo. I like the "cartoony" look with the shadows and contrast.

These are orchids from Longwood Gardens in PA. I altered the image and the colors came out very nice.

Please stop by again. Thank you!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Poncho

I recently made a summer poncho with a sheer, crinkly, light blue fabric.

It's something that can be worn over a summer top. Easy to wear; goes on right over the head.

Please visit my Etsy shop to see more of my items for sale.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lavender Sachets - Kaffe Fassett Fabric

Kaffe Fassett fabric filled with lavender! Now for sale on my Etsy shop!

Beach cottage shell fabric - all cotton sachet - filled with lavender!

Throw one in your bureau drawer to freshen, use as a car air freshener, or in your office. These sachets are 4" x 4" and sewn with 100% cotton fabric. Visit my Etsy shop - Cottage Style Threads - to see more.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Be A Green Girl With A Market Bag

Market bags are becoming very popular and many grocery stores are getting rid of the plastic bags. So, no more hearing "paper or plastic?" at the grocery checkout!

This market bag is sewn with my stash of cottage style and upolstery fabrics. It's also lined with a vintage table cloth, believe it or not, making it very durable, with a box bottom to hold more items!

It's perfect for the market, especially if you are buying a French baguette, which usually gets squished in a regular plastic grocery bag. You could also use this bag for your visits to the library, or for shopping in Paris - of course! Bonjour Madame!

The following photos show the vintage tablecloth lining and you can see the box bottom in the first photo. The color palate is very Tuscany or Provence!

Get yourself a market bag - it shows the world that you care about recycling fabrics and reducing plastic production.

Plus, you will look tres chic as the "green girl" at the market!

Au revoir madame!

Be sure to visit my Etsy shop for more items.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm In A Cottage Frame Of Mind

I decided to start another blog about something that I have always loved - cottages! In my mind, the ideal cottage would have a messy perennial garden and garden path leading to my pebble-stone patio, equipped with white outdoor furniture, lot's of rose fabric cushions, a pitcher of iced tea, and a Chintz platter of lemon scones.

The rooms in my cottage would be painted white with accents of roses EVERYWHERE! Flower print fabric pillows, vases of fresh flowers, a coffee table with neat piles of coffee table books, my collection of Victoria Magazines, a tri-fold Asian screen with rose fabric panels, teapots, lavender, etc. The bedrooms would have a million tiny matching show pillows and a tray on each bed with a tea set - of course! The kitchen would have a shabby chic/French country style with fresh flowers on the table in a pitcher and a bowl full of cherries.

I would like to announce that I am changing the style of my Etsy shop and renaming it to Cottage Style Threads. After renewing my sewing abilities, I want to sew my own line of cottage soft furnishings.

It's going to be a challenge, but I need to take the next step and focus on a brand and style that I love. This will be a new avenue for me, and it's time to move into something new, something that I love and want to pursue.

Please visit often. I will be adding links to my favorite blogs and you will begin to see the transformation of my Etsy shop into the new Cottage Style Threads - For the Cozy Home.

Come back soon.
Thank you - Susan