Thursday, June 2, 2011

Altered Flower Photos

Hi Everyone,

Here are some of my flower photos that I altered with MS "Picture-It" - a really neat program that used to come with MS Office back in 2002 or 2003. I wish they would make a new version because it is really easy to use. This flower image was altered slightly to have a grainy appearance.

I like this shy flower photo. It was altered with shadows and it has a calm look to it.

This is a hibiscus photo that was taken at Swarthmore College. The image was changed to have a graphic design appearance.

This is a photo that was changed to have a grainy poster appearance - almost "pen and inkish."

This flower photo also has some alterations for a shadowy contrast.

I love these tiny pale pink flowers all bunched together. I took this photo and adjusted the image to appear like a graphic design with highlighted shadows.

The same was done with this photo. I like the "cartoony" look with the shadows and contrast.

These are orchids from Longwood Gardens in PA. I altered the image and the colors came out very nice.

Please stop by again. Thank you!

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