Monday, April 20, 2009

Be A Green Girl With A Market Bag

Market bags are becoming very popular and many grocery stores are getting rid of the plastic bags. So, no more hearing "paper or plastic?" at the grocery checkout!

This market bag is sewn with my stash of cottage style and upolstery fabrics. It's also lined with a vintage table cloth, believe it or not, making it very durable, with a box bottom to hold more items!

It's perfect for the market, especially if you are buying a French baguette, which usually gets squished in a regular plastic grocery bag. You could also use this bag for your visits to the library, or for shopping in Paris - of course! Bonjour Madame!

The following photos show the vintage tablecloth lining and you can see the box bottom in the first photo. The color palate is very Tuscany or Provence!

Get yourself a market bag - it shows the world that you care about recycling fabrics and reducing plastic production.

Plus, you will look tres chic as the "green girl" at the market!

Au revoir madame!

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